What Is Success For A College Student

Meaning Of Success

President Obama recently gave a presentation at the University of Buffalo addressing issues such as student debts, graduation fees and the dropping of quantitative measures on the accessibility of less affluent students getting into the college. The results would determine the conclusion on the overall rate of college student success. What is success ? It is in fact a lateral phenomenon which can have several meanings to several people. For some college student's it is the money through which they are able to upgrade their lifestyle i.e. Buys that fancy car, go and spend on the expensive dress at the Macy's. That's how they define success. For others, it is the academic success which is the literal success in their sight. Whilst for others, passion may be a bigger goal than getting straight A's.Hence, the success can be defined as the ultimate goal one wants to accomplish to receive some form of satisfaction or happiness.

Where Are You Right Now?

The disparity between where you are to where you want to be depicts how far or close you are to the "success". If you want to end up at the top notch law firm, you will have to take a lot of sequential steps to be able to do so. Getting admission into an ivy league college is perhaps the first step towards your dream become a lawyer. However, just the admission itself does not make you one! It is the persistence in efforts and hard work that helps you graduate from a law school with commendable grades and it is your aptitude, attitude and level of confidence that can serve as a ticket to your desired law firm!

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