Inflation & Affordability

America is a land where people were able to fight hardly with inflation and unemployment. Only a couple of years ago, the inflation rates were around 3.2 %.

Students were on the target
Students were the easiest target of the inflation. Their college expenses list goes on and on and on.
Tuition Fee
Text Books
Dorms / living expenses
Entertainment costs
Miscellaneous expenditures

Students were unable to fight with these expenses. And when the jobs are also scarce, how can they manage to put dollars everywhere.

Affordability has risen
Decreasing inflation surely elevated the consumer’s purchasing power. Fortunately, inflation rate reduced to 1.5 % in March 2013. But, people are still complaining about rising prices for education, health care, insurance and entertainment too. However, they should have counted on the improving conditions of the economy.

Students’ choices to spend
Tuition fee are static, standard of education is boosting up, used and rental textbooks are available, and technology is assisting education… In such scenario, students are left with many other choices to be made. They can have more money to spend on movies and restaurants, buy some trendy accessories for college and yes, do have an affordable dissertation too. After all, money is expected to give comfort.

Want to earn a PhD degree?
Do value the decreasing rate of inflation this year that has lifted up your affordability space. And, do spend to fulfill your desires. Like, an affordable dissertation can get you a Doctorate degree. Don’t you want to earn a PhD degree?

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