It Won't Work For You! Focus More...

As the title suggests, there are few things that won't work you in any way. If you are studying, there are three study habits that are not effective at all. They are very common among students but it doesn't help them at all except for being a time pass strategy. They ask others to write my essay for me, while spending their time in practicing ineffective study habits.

What are the three lousy study habits?

•    Practicing re-reading at most

Reading once is sufficient but in case of better understanding, one can read it once more or twice.  Spending time in simply re reading the content is not an effective study habit. You will learn the same things every time. It even ends the charm of reading. Use your time well.

•    Highlighting the content, you find interesting and important.

Underlining the important content or key points is considered another tactic of effective studies. Highlighting important details that are already in bold font in the textbook will not buy you anything except of time loss.

•    Spending time in Summarizing the Content

Reading the content text for the sake of better understanding and for the purpose of summarizing it, will not help you seek success. It is just like breaking the chunks into small bits for digestion ease. Although, stomach is already assigned to the task.

Duh! Adopt better and time effective study habits. Or you will be troubled at the end of the term.

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