5 Tips to Create a Habit of Writing

Habit of Writing
1. Simplifies everything not having to do with the habit you want to establish

Like many of you, I get up every day at the same time to go to work and I am afraid that also like many of you, there are days that I go out with much tranquility and other days where the term leaving hastily to not be late to the office.

Why do I pass that? Because sometimes I lose too much time in (shower, breakfast, etc.) tasks should be automated for a better use of time. It often gives us the feeling that we have no time for something because we spend too much time on things that could be simplified using a routine.

How long go by referring to social networks? It is clear that that time could be reduced if we connected only once or twice a day to see what you have posted our friendships. And making the purchase? It is not the same to buy following a list prepared in advance to spend time and time browsing among the shelves. And by consulting the mail? Do cooking?

Everything can be optimized with good planning and a routine. And if we spend less time in those tasks that we must carry out yes or yes, we will have more time to write.

2. Make public your intentions
Everyday Writing
If you share your intention of writing a novel or edit this collection of tales that you have nearly finished with some of your closest friends, it will be more difficult to put aside the project. So cheer up and explains some of your closest people about what you bring here, because that way you increase your chances of success.

3. It creates situations that favor writing

How many steps do you have to start to write? They are those who are, are too if there are more than one. Even if you have the habit of writing your texts on the computer, always keep the hand a pen and a Notepad. Because if you need to walk to the Studio, turn on the computer and open the word processor, most likely that your intentions of writing are just that: intentions.

4. Take advantage of each and every one of the opportunities that you have write

I don't take note of the ideas of new stories that occur to me. I do take note of possible solutions that I can think of for the problems that I have with a text in course, but the new stories like this give them a time to develop inside my head and make a previous screening prior to summarize them in a role.

That, of course, when I have already established the habit of writing in my day to day. Right now I'm writing everything that is me happens by the head to get me to this and that is my advice: don't miss the opportunity to write a small story, although it is not more than the sketch of a larger project.

5. Try not to miss even one day the appointment with your habit until it is firmly established in your day to day

In other entries in this blog commented that they are needed 21 days to establish a habit, so I ask that you don't miss any day the appointment with your habit until you have not established it firmly. That Yes: the good news is they also required 21 days to break a habit already created, so you don't always have to be so hard with yourself.

I hope that these five tips will be of help when it comes to create a habit of writing, if you don't have it already.

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7 Tips to Write a Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Thesis Tips

The doctoral thesis is the path to the highest academic degree awarded by a University. Some do it by having the title, to make college degree, for further investigation or because it allows to continue linked to a focal point after the residence.

1. Define the concrete time being dedicated to the PhD degree. Establish clearly a few hours every day or a day or two a week, depending on what allows health care activity. "If we are not very strict in respecting those moments, assistance always end up eating time to the thesis. We will always find something more priority to do. That is why must be faithfully meet the work objectives".

2. Properly manage the data. Suggests starting the inclusion of the information in the database from the beginning, not to leave it to the end.

3. Be systematic when it comes to doing things. Always save a backup copy, and every time you expand the database, saving two copies (one for work on her and the other in the cloud, on a disk, or wherever). So when the manuscript, both items, and the final report.

4. Use a good manager of bibliographic references. They shall provide the work tools such as Endnote.

5. Choose the topic of the thesis. Many times it may not be the theme that you like most, nor the more glamorous. You have to be realistic, it is better to join a team that already have experience in research, with proven solvency at the time of having directed other thesis and project work have assets to those who join.

6. Find a good director. In his case was who got him thinking and avoided to abandon the doctorate. "I guided, advised and corrected when necessary. It gave way to all articles that served as the basis for my doctoral thesis". You must be the leader of the Group and allow, at the same time, to develop the work with freedom.

Beware of bad managers, "there are many cases where doctoral students, using them as labor and leaving them prey pulled when the results are not as expected".

7. Patience, perseverance and constancy. It is a hard, but not impossible. Therefore, those who are really convinced that you want to do it, recommends be patient and consistent.