Students Should Eat Out Or Dine In?

What your school Cafeteria looks like? Comments on the food?

Most of the school cafeterias avoid fried items or high calorie food stuff, and offer healthy food alternatives. Most universities have on campus salad bars and veggie menus. But students are still suffering from high calorie issues like weight gain , dizziness and low energy, anemia, high blood pressure etc.

You need to start ordering grilled food items with salads, if you are weight conscious or suffering from overweight. Why not yoghurt over other creamy or cheesy items? You can save yourself from health hazards. It is like drawing a line between low energy nutrition and extra-calorie nutrition. The line is Balanced Diet!

If you plan to eat out, go for salads and low calorie foods. A good salad can fill you up completely. But a Big Mac and Vanilla shake are nothing but a nightmare for a student. You can always find yummy+ tummy pleasing food to order.

A good practice is to take some time for yourself and cook something. Cooking makes people feel happier and distracted from a dull and daily routine. Go out to the grocery store. Find fresh food items and a cookbook. Bake and cook for yourself. Eat healthy food!

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