Suggestions For Your Own Safety On Campus!

If your mind is disturbed about one thing that troubles you thoughts badly, what is the way out ? Obviously, you are suppose to look for clues and keys to resolve the problem. In a life of a student, the worries were once limited to examinations, assignments, quiz, presentations and money imbalance. But with the advent of time, few more issues were  added to the list of stresses in a college student life. Wondering, what?

It is clear that students at school level are bothered most about "bullying" or adjusting in a school environment. But at higher education levels, another thought can't stop you from worrying. Do you feel safe on campus? If yes! It is a good feeling. If the rising rate of student's crimes worries you, you need to take few suggested precautions on your own.

Three: Safety in the Parking Area!

•    Make sure you lock your car, check once before leaving it behind.
•    Do not leave valuable in your car.
•    Carry your car keys wherever you go.
•    Ask someone gently to walk you to the car.
•    Always check the backseat before you enter your own car even.

Four: Safety of your Money and ATM!

•    Accompany a friend to the ATM.
•    Do not travel with large sums of money in the pocket.
•    Be alert of the things in your surroundings.
•    Do not let anyone see your personal information.

Five: Safety in Emergency Situations!

•    In an emergency situation, either try to escape or find a safe place.
•    Run in a Zigzag pattern to avoid the predictable path.
•    Block the entrance or exits.
•    Call 911 for emergency.
•    Have your medical aid kit with you.

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