IQ Level And Gender

IQ- A Criteria For Entering College

It goes Without saying that intelligence is the reason you manage to enter into College in the first place. One of the criteria for entering into a college is To be able to acquire a standard level of IQ which will determine your Capabilities and makes you aware of what you are capable of. The need for an IQ The level varies from major to major. If your career major is agriculture, you Wouldn't need a high IQ level as opposed to physics or astronomy. President The Barack Obama whose field is political science has an IQ level of 130 as Compared to Einstein with a much higher level of 160.    

Gender And Its Correlation With IQ Level

According to James Flynn, who happens to be an IQ expert, women have outnumbered men in Colleges and  have attained more degrees As compared to men. Inadvertently, they also score remarkably high when it Comes to IQ scores. Intelligent quotient is normally gauged by analyzing the Deviation from the normal standard IQ level and is a renowned predictor of Educational success, job performance and potential income level. There may have Been theories which had led to the result that women are more than intellectual Men, yet this is a topic of debate even today. The sad part is that despite of Scoring higher than men in terms of IQ level, many women never realize their True potential. They undermine their own abilities and let the men surpass Them. As women, you should be confident about your abilities, and for all the Men out there, give a chance to the women to outshine without ridiculing them And looking down upon them!  

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