Beware! Are You Safe On Campus?

A student has to face a lot of stress in his college career. For example, examinations, quiz, papers, presentations, social activities, family, friends and money. These things occupy your mind so strongly that your thoughts cannot wander to any other important issue. Are you safe at school? Or College? Why discussing security matters here?

The answer to your question is simple and straight. On campus crimes are becoming more and more common in the past few decades. Students are found involved in bad activities. You need to take the security matter into account sooner before it gets too late to even think about it. You can't give your best until you are satisfied that you are safe! Honestly! There can be no best essays from your end this session, if you are insecure as you will spend all your day in worries.

For your own satisfaction, you can follow a few safety tips.

One: Safety in your Residence!

•    Only permit your visitors into the residence halls.
•    Be precautionary about the door locks. Ask the security to ensure that the locks are on.
•    Never lend your dorm keys to anyone.
•    Make sure your apartment or dorm is safely locked.
•    In case you lose your key set, get the lock changes.

Two: Safety at Personal Level

•    Avoid late night walks & talk.
•    Be alert about things in your surroundings.
•    Walk in well lit areas.
•    Trust the gut feeling inside you! If you feel like someone is behind you, or following you, move faster and go to some populated zone.
•    Know the emergency numbers!

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