How a Student Can Cut Expenses

A loaded pocket, trendy clothes, big car, lavish house; a student enters into a college while dreaming for a bright future. We all usually have a limited account of funds during student life. So, we have to limit our expenses to the most necessary needs.

Draft a budget
You need to slice up your money. A pencil and a paper would be your best helping hands to prepare your budget. List out everything related to your expenditures; where and how much you are spending. Be honest to yourself. Marking the unnecessary expenses with a red pen might cause your page to bleed.

Go digital
First of all, you do not need to buy new textbooks, especially in US. You can find hundred of online websites with buying and renting options for used textbooks. Also, do not throw your bucks on your final thesis. It is happening to you because you are engaging your college fellow to do your thesis. And you can’t do it yourself due to tough working hours. However, you can easily get high quality yet affordable dissertation on internet.

Sharing is caring
Are you looking for a space to live near your college? A friendly suggestion would be that do not rent an apartment alone. You need to search out for any college student who can share apartment with you. You can also share room in dorm to save money.

Never become a borrower
You should never carry burden of loan at your back. As another way, you may go for scholarships and grants. If you did not get any, you can still opt for community colleges. They are not expensive at all.

Be responsible
You need to change your habits too. Stick a list somewhere in your room including somewhat as switch off the lights, reduce spending on coke, turn off machines, save water, etc  . And the list goes on. But, you’ll save money at the end of the month.

Colors are Modifying You

Every color possesses some properties in it. It does have an impact on our personalities. I found that people tend to behave too in a similar manner according to the color they like, wear and paint on their room’s walls. Their decisions, suggestions and attitudes are a simple explanation of the color they are being surrounded with. Both positives and negatives are attached with each of the color.
  • Red
Red shows energy and aggression. That is why, maybe, most of the cars in Formula1 race are red. It is the most prominent color too. It is used in a traffic signal all over the world. People who love to wear red are considered as lively. They can be a famous actor, daring journalist who could take risks, or a busy housewife etc.
  • Blue
Blue affects are mental state. Stronger blues helps us in clarifying ambiguities and lighter blues makes us calm. That is why the sky is blue. However, it is also considered as unemotional. Most of the professionals prefer to wear blue shirts in business settings. A well known writer, inspiring entrepreneur and a violinist fall into the categories of blue lovers.
  • Green
Green reflects balance. It encourages harmony and equilibrium. On the other hand, boredom and enervation are also associated with this color. A student who loves green may be a good person by nature, but he/she may have to hire any professional dissertation writing services. Consider a tree who gives shelter to others but remains on a same place throughout its life.

The aforementioned basic colors make an impact on your mood, behavior and even decisions. Be cautious which color is encircling you. Just try to get positive out of it.

Achieving Perfection

PhD students fall into a great trouble when their committee members are expecting to receive a PERFECT document. Dissertation writing is already very challenging for a student. Plus, trying to meet the hopes of Professors makes it more exigent. What can you do in this case?

Do your best
The first solution to pass your mind should be striving harder and harder. It always remains impossible for them who think ‘it is impossible’. You should try to search out some unconventional methods for your research. You can sketch any new source to collect information. Or adopt a new methodology to prove your point.

You must be passionate enough to put in every effort to produce an ideal thesis. First of all, you need to satisfy your own self before anyone else.

Make them realize
Finding supremacy in everything you stumble upon is unrealistic. To prove it, you must have a strong key in your hand. Collecting some book and educationist references would be a good idea. Teachers are more inclined towards printed words. If possible, look for the one who is less strict among the committee members and is likely to understand you in a better way.


Remain polite
While discussing anything with your committee members, remain polite. You need to develop some healthy relationships with them in order to make it easier to convey your point. Try to pass bitter holes in a light mode. You can refer them to their own experiences of dissertation writing. Ultimately, they are the monsters. So, never be harsh to them.

Perfection is almost impossible to achieve. But, you should continue your struggle. Just do not give up!