Are You a Lefty?

I was so amazed by the scream of my Chinese class fellow. I was taking notes to send some information for my custom dissertation writing order.  “You are writing with your left hand!” with the eyes bulging out and mouth wide opened, she was actually yelling. I was unable to decide whether to laugh at her goofy reaction, or discuss with her about the matter. But, it was awkward!

Chinese viewpoint
I understood completely that it was somewhat weird in China if somebody writes with the left hand. It was, however, the first time for me that somebody is pointing out at me like this. It is so common in the US or may be people here accept as the person is. I did not have international students in school, so I did not know that it is that important in some countries to write with a right hand.

Afterwards, she told me that left handedness is considered as a type of disability in China. I referred her to an autobiography of Helen Keller. She was blind and deaf but she sees it as a ‘difference’ rather than a disability. And, there is nothing wrong at all with being a lefty. It is natural and not by choice.

Some famous lefties
Interestingly, after a few weeks she mentioned some names of the famous people too who were lefties.

Leonardo DA Vinci
Alexander the Great
Albert Einstein
Queen Victoria
Pablo Picasso

It was good to know that she has accepted the left- handedness as completely ‘normal’. Well, it was so funny too being caught by a student while taking notes for the custom dissertation writing order.

What is correct?
China is more prone to what is acceptable socially, I came to know. However, America is not so concerned with trying to change the children’s habits. However, we concluded at the end that there can be a middle stage where these two approaches work in line with each other.

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