Tips to Make a Thesis

This guide will provide tips for how to write a thesis of degree and how to solve the problems of the home, organization, and explanation of the chosen topic.

Feel more relaxed when it comes to a thesis, it is a matter of writing the first chapters. It should take into account that it is a difficult, long and tedious task. At the end of the work, you can enjoy the satisfaction of fulfilling duty and have contributed to scientific knowledge.

Before the writing of the thesis, the author must overcome a series of obstacles to be able to finish with the work. The key points that we suggest to properly structure a thesis are:

The first thing you need to do is to verify if the institution attending has any required redaction, and if there is a standard form, since many universities require a declaration.

Cover (title page): all theses must have a cover. The format of presentation of a thesis requires the title page, which can vary between institutions, but must always contain the name of the author and the title of the thesis.

The content index: it must have the title of the work, as well as subtitles of each of the chapters.

Introduction: It is the exposure of the global problem of the chosen topic. What's the topic of the thesis and why it is important must be clear.

Please note that having worked so long on the project already will be much immersed in it, so you don't miss the familiarity that the reader may have regarding your thesis theme. Remember that writes for researchers in the general area, but not all have to be specialists in the chosen topic.

In the first paragraphs of the introduction prose, can use the rigor that the scientific writing because still we have not ventured into the development of the work is not necessary.

To achieve the same read logically it may require several drafts as long as it is brief. It is always convenient, once completed it, read someone not know topic to see that you think after reading it.

Summary: It is the synthesis of the thesis. This part of the thesis is the most widely read and that you will be given greater importance because you must ensure that the reading of the complete work is not necessary to know is about the same.

The summary is an accurate description of the general and the particular problem that is addressed in the thesis; your method solves it, their results and conclusions. In general, it contains no references. When you need one, it should be included in the text of the same abstract.

You should write it once is this coming to the end of it since it requires several considerations regarding the project. In addition the number of words; control should be It should not exceed the 200, 300 words.

Dedications and acknowledgements: the majority of theses authors include acknowledgments and Dedications to those who have helped them throughout his life, such as family and friends; and especially to those who collaborated on the specific scientific issues. If someone helped draft part of the thesis, it must be well cleared up who made them and in which sections.

Elementary chapters: journals, articles written by the same author are often the intermediate chapters of the thesis. In addition, it is necessary that the thesis some theories are established describing experimental techniques, and will review what was done in several different problems.

Theory: To be able to report about a theoretical work that is not original, it will need to include enough material to convince the reader of the arguments used and its physical basis.

It may also occur the theory from the beginning, but you should be aware of two pages of arguments which could be found in normal texts should not be reproduced. Neither theory that has no relationship with the work must be included.

In case of informing their own theoretical work, it should be more detailed, giving long explanations to the appendices.

Results and discussions: the thesis usually are part of the same chapter; tend to merge since there may be multiple results, and if all occur before the discussion, the reader can miss or forget what they had been reading.

To be able to present them in separate chapters, results and discussion must come from a certain type of matter.

Conclusions: Are the contributions that the author uses to confirm or refute the hypotheses raised in the introduction. They have acquired a scientific character since articles that support they serve to provide the necessary evidence requiring the results and discussion to back them.


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